The air filter of your truck is a key part of the respiratory system of your engine. The purpose of the engine air filter is to prevent dust, dirt and other environmental contaminants from entering it. That is why, over time, the air filter gets dirty and clogged and, therefore, must be replaced. Modern trucks generally have two air filters: one for the cabin and one for the engine; both must be changed periodically, but not at the same time. Changing the air filter should be done every 12k to 24k miles and provides several benefits.


1. Higher fuel efficiency

One of the biggest reasons for changing the air filter regularly is higher fuel efficiency. A dirty filter could increase the use of fuel. Why? Because the engine of your truck needs air to burn it: if it does not receive enough, it will end up working much more.


2. Reduce emissions

Dirty air filters can reduce the airflow to the engine, literally suffocating it.

As a result, the emission control systems of your truck could be affected; they could mix air and fuel improperly, generating problems in the spark plugs and other engine components.

For example, dirty spark plugs can cause a sudden failure or idleness (minimum revolutions per minute), which in turn would greatly affect fuel consumption.

On the other hand, a broken or worn air filter could also turn on the light of the truck’s check engine.

Most importantly, the imbalance of the airflow represents a direct impact on your vehicle’s exhaust emissions, which contributes to environmental pollution.


3. Extends the life of the engine

Changing the air filter regularly prolongs the life of the engine because it’s designed to catch debris or dirt that could damage any internal part (such as cylinders or pistons).

Damage to your engine could mean big expenses for your company. You can be prepared to prevent a problem by keeping the air filter in good condition: it must be able to block any harmful substance that wants to enter the combustion chamber or the engine.


4. Quick and economic change

An air filter is one of the least expensive maintenance components to replace, and you can even replace it yourself.

Before buying one, it’s important that you make sure that the replacement filter is designed for your truck’s model.


What happens when you don’t change the air filter of your truck?

If you let the engine’s air filter clog, it will begin to act less like a filter and more like a blocked airway, causing the following:

  • The engine of your truck will work harder to get enough clean air to complete the combustion cycle.
  • Due to the high temperature of an engine, a dirty air filter can also cause more fuel to be consumed, causing a reduction in overall efficiency.
  • If the filter is saturated with dirt, you may experience a lack of power in the acceleration.


We at Bottomley Enterprises want to make sure that every trucker is aware of just how important regular maintenance and simple tweaks such as changing the air filter can be for the overall truck’s life and efficiency, as well as their own safety on the road. This is something we tend to encourage everyone on our team to do and be more consistent about. Interested in joining us? Then please fill out the form on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook for more trucking news and updates.