Unattended oil leaks can accumulate in hoses or rubber seals causing them to wear prematurely. What’s more, they can cause unpleasant spots at the truck stops and are thus a danger to the environment. Worst of all, leaks inside the engine could cause a fire. This is why it’s essential that you know the most common causes of oil leaks so that you can tend to them as quickly as possible.


Oil filter

The oil in your truck’s engine flows continuously through a filter, which removes impurities from the fluid. The vast majority of trucks have a thread-shaped oil filter. If it has not been connected correctly, or it loosens, it may consequently cause a leak.


Oil drain plug

The oil drain plug is screwed to the bottom of the engine tray. It is removed during an oil change to allow the old oil to be drained before the new oil is poured. If the threads in the drain plug are misaligned or worn, or if the plug is loose or too tight, the oil may leak from there. So, make sure the drain plug has the proper ring and replace it regularly to ensure a tight seal.


The oil filler cap

This is the large, round, removable lid located on top of your truck’s engine. It usually has a symbol of an oil pan on it. This is where the new oil is added or oil level reloaded. If the cap is loose, or missing, or the seal is worn, the pressure created when the engine is running may also cause an oil leak.


The valve cover

Valve covers are, as the name implies, protective covers that come together around the valve assemblies. Essentially, these keep the oil inside the engine, allowing it to circulate.

Between the valve covers and the cylinder head where they meet, there are joints that provide a seal between these two components. Over time, these joints can corrode and deteriorate, which can be one of the causes of oil leaks.


You don’t change the oil at recommended intervals

The oil deteriorates as it ages, producing mud and other corrosive substances. In addition, dirt, abrasive particles, metal fragments and by-products of combustion accumulate over time. If the oil is not changed, these elements may remain in the engine long enough to wear out the seals, causing them to fail.


Knowing the most common causes of oil leaks can save you a lot of time and trouble, as these are the areas on your truck that you should check regularly. Therefore, we at Bottomley Enterprises strongly suggest that you do thorough truck check-ups before every haul. In case you’re interested in becoming our new team member, feel free to fill our driver’s application. Moreover, you can always follow us on Facebook where we post trucking news and updates.