Cleaning the cabin of your truck should be on your daily work list. Keeping the interior clean is a must for any truck driver, especially for those who spend a lot of time inside it. It may seem like an impossible mission to have a clean truck cabin when you’re constantly on the road, but with the following tips, you’ll see that small steps and habits are more than enough to provide you with a pleasant truck cabin interior.


Why should you keep a clean truck cabin?

Taking just a little of your time to collect junk, organize your belongings and clean surfaces can benefit your general mood, health, and driving performance. A well-maintained cabin can:

  • Prevent germs and bacteria from growing and spreading
  • Increase the price of your vehicle if you plan to sell it in the future
  • Make you look more professional
  • Prevent you from being distracted while driving
  • Preserve the quality of the interior


Cleaning tips

1. Get rid of unnecessary items

Gather all your belongings that you have in your cabin and separate them into two groups: what you use and what you do not use. Remove all items that are in the second group from your cabin and take them home or discard them.

Having fewer things in your truck will make it easier for you to keep this area impeccable.


2. Get organized

It will take a bit of your creativity to organize all of your items in this small space. Start grouping similar items and consider buying boxes or organizers.

Once you have placed all your things in containers, assign a specific location for your items in order to maintain a clean truck cabin. Remember not to have anything nearby that hinders the mobility of your arms or the mirror view. When the things you have in your cabin are properly stored in containers and boxes, they won’t roll around as you drive, which automatically boosts safety.


3. Have a trash can

It’s very easy for junk to accumulate when you are always behind the wheel and on the road. To help keep order under control, it‘s recommended that you have a small bag or trash can.

Designate a convenient place for this can/bag and make sure to always dispose of food waste, snacks, drinks, etc. By throwing everything in one place, you will not have to check all the compartments of your cabin for junk.

As you drive, find a suitable place to make a stop and throw away all the junk and empty the trash can in order to prevent bad odor.


4. Vacuum periodically

Take some time to vacuum the entire cabin of your truck. Dirt and dust can cause allergies and irritate your vision. Cleaning the floor will make a big difference in the appearance of the cabin, and you might even find something you lost a long time ago. If the carpets are very dirty and you have the time, consider washing them.


5. Clean everything

Now is the time to clean everything up. A good start is to have wet wipes on hand so you can get rid of any bacteria that is still in the cabin. You can also use cleaning and interior protection products as they effectively clean any surface without leaving grease or sticky areas.

With a wet fiber cloth, be sure to clean both sides of the windows and check the interior for spots or anything that needs a cleaning treatment.


We at Bottomley Enterprises always urge our truckers to maintain a clean truck cabin as this will only make the time they spend on the road more pleasant and healthier. What’s more, a clean truck cabin means fewer distractions and less pressure, which is essential for boosted safety as well. Interested in joining our team? Then you can fill out the driver’s application on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook for more trucking news and updates.