As a truck driver, you need to make sure that your truck is in pristine condition and well maintained. Obviously, regular maintenance and regular oil checkups are a must. However, it’s easy to disregard some truck components in favor of others, which is not the best practice. That said, pay proper attention to the following elements of your truck as they can make a huge difference when on the road.


1. Tires

As you already know, tires vary in price according to quality and function. You have to learn to choose the best tires for your truck. If you buy a different grade or cheaper tires just because you want to save some money, you will likely spend more in the long run.

The best thing to do is to go with a trustworthy and reputable tire brand. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as well.

If you drive in cold weather and/or snow, you should invest in winter tires. And in case your hauls will take you all over the country, invest in all-weather tires.

Your tires are one of the most important truck components for the vehicle’s proper functionality and working order.  It’s important to check the air pressure and make sure that the brake seals are in perfect condition as well.


2. Lights

The best truck lights make night driving easy. Lights, like tires, are a commonly overlooked truck element. Most people do not really think about the lights of their vehicle until the sun has set and they can’t see.

Before each trip, check your lights and ensure they work properly. When replacing them, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Lights that don’t work properly or at all can become a cause of a traffic accident.


3. Mirrors

Truck’s mirrors, especially the right one, will increase your visibility while driving.

Unlike in the case of a car, you can’t just look in the rearview mirror or the rear window to see if the road is clear when driving a truck.

For this reason, mirrors are one of the most important truck components you need to worry about. Make sure you have the correct ones and that they are well adjusted and clean.


4. Bed

Believe it or not, the bed is also an important element of your truck when you’re pursuing a trucking career. Adequate rest is essential for anyone who drives for many hours. Nothing is worse than being tired and trying to sleep in an uncomfortable bed. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you invest in good sleeping support.


5. GPS

With all the advances in GPS technology, you can plan ahead your routes and reduce unexpected delays.

Currently, there are numerous programs and applications that can greatly help truck drivers to determine the potential hazards on the road, as they record routes and update them constantly.

In the event that a problem arises, such as a traffic accident, you can trace an alternative route. This simple step can save you time and hassle, as well as keep the clients happy.

Speaking of technology, GPS is one of the best tools a driver can have. Whether you’re driving through the city or across the country, nothing can beat a good GPS system.

This tool won’t only tell you how to get to your destination, but it will allow you to mark landmarks, find your location and track the movements of your fleet, too. This can turn into a great advantage in the event that your truck gets stolen.


We at Bottomley Enterprises urge you to take great care of your truck and properly maintain all of its components no matter how small they may seem. In case you’re interested in joining our team, feel free to fill out the driver’s application on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook for more trucking news and updates.