Professional truck drivers require mental exercises from time to time. But above all, they require physical exercises that strengthen them and allow them to continue working under extreme conditions. However, for many truck drivers, exercising is not on their list of priorities, nor do they have space and time for these activities. This is why the following practical exercises for truck drivers in need of physical activity can be quite effective.


Exercises in the driver’s seat

Isometric exercises consist of muscle contractions without movement. The muscles contract for a few seconds and then release. These kinds of practical exercises for truck drivers don’t require a lot of space and time. Most of them can be done in a minute or less in the driver’s seat. In addition, these improve the flexibility of the joints and increase the overall strength. Some exercises that can be done are:

  • Shrug holds
  • Tighten the glutes
  • Harden the inner thigh
  • Feet lifting
  • Heel lifting
  • Abdominal compression


Exercises inside the truck

Truck drivers who have space inside their truck can choose to do walking exercises in one place. In addition, they can do several stretches, which include the use of resistance bands (if possible).

There is also a variety of floor exercises that can be done on the bunk bed where the driver sleeps. Some exercises are:

  • Pilates exercises
  • Lateral leg stretch
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Breathing exercises

According to the experts, resistance exercises are some of the best workouts because they only use the weight of the body. Therefore, these exercises don’t require elements such as weights, which is practical for truck drivers who do not like to carry additional equipment.


Exercises outside the truck

Engaging in some practical exercises for truck drivers is more than possible when making a stop. For example, walking 32 times around a cargo truck is equivalent to traveling around 2-2.5 miles. This is enough to burn fat and increase energy levels. In addition, you can divide this workout into 8 series of 4 laps, alternating between going from right and left around the truck.


With these practical exercises for truck drivers, we at Bottomley Enterprises hope to improve the truckers’ lifestyles everywhere and encourage them to add more physical activity to their daily routines. We care deeply for our truck drivers’ health. With regular workouts, regardless of the sessions’ length and difficulty level, one can boost their general health and flexibility as well as improve the posture and manage weight. Interested in becoming a part of our team? If so, feel free to fill out the driver’s application on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook for more trucking news and updates.