We expect that all truck drivers are quite familiar with checking the oil levels and changing it on a regular basis. But not many people know the actual importance of the truck’s oil for the engine. Engine’s oil makes a ton of difference for the longevity and functionality of your truck. Keep on reading, to learn more about the truck’s essence.


The oil prevents/reduces engine wear

The engine friction is the result of metal to metal contact, which is often due to inadequate lubrication and can cause wear on different engine components. If the oil is too thick to be pumped or if it’s not thick enough to keep the components separated at high temperatures, this can cause friction damage when the engine is turned on.


Engine oil increases the truck’s efficiency

When it comes to the real importance of the truck’s oil, it’s essential to mention the efficiency increase of the vehicle. However, in order for this to work like a charm, it’s necessary to always use the right oil viscosity. If you neglect this need, you’ll also shorten the engine’s life, truck’s efficiency, and fuel savings.

When choosing a viscosity, it must be thick enough to create a layer that prevents two metal components in motion from touching each other (resulting in component wear), and light enough to reduce resistance.

A good viscosity allows the engine components to move with less resistance, which requires less energy and improves fuel economy.


It prevents rust and corrosion

As you know, water is one of the triggers that causes oxidation. That’s why to prevent it, you simply need to keep the water out. The oil can effectively prevent oxidation by coating the metal, creating a protective barrier to keep external elements away.


The right oil boosts suspension and eliminates pollutants

The fuel combustion process creates many pollutants and the engine can eliminate them via the exhaust. However, not all leave the engine like this successfully.

The contaminants that remain get suspended in oil where they will drain during a change. Non-suspended and dispersed contaminants will be deposited throughout the engine causing wear and restriction/reduction of the oil flow.

Top-quality oil will meet the engine specifications and actually prolong the time between the changes and drains.

Most truck drivers know the correct oil specification as indicated by the engine manufacturer; but does that oil meet the specifications when one drains it?

In other words, you must expect the same level of protection from the moment the oil is added to the moment it gets changed.


The importance of the truck’s oil quality

While the idea of ​​spending money on high-quality oil may seem less attractive in the short term, it’s really worth it in the long term. Your engine will have less wear and your truck’s efficiency and life span will increase, as well.


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