Making the most out of your truck’s gas usage is the best way to achieve a better fuel economy. Not only will this let truck drivers save fuel but it will also allow them to save money, reduce climate changes and increase energy sustainability.


At the gas station

It is best to always fill up fuel early in the morning. The earlier it is, the colder the temperature will be, which makes the gasoline denser so that it doesn’t expand at other times of the day. On the other hand, make sure that the tank gets filled at low speed to minimize the vapors. Otherwise, there will be more vapors and as a result, you will end up filling the tank with less gasoline. The fuller the tank is, the better the fuel mileage. Also, remember not to fill the gas tank soon after the refueling of the underground tanks at the gas station. The process causes the dirt in the bottom of these tanks to rise to the surface, significantly reducing fuel.


Know your truck

Verify that gas has the appropriate octane level recommended for your truck. This way, the fuel economy is improved and truck drivers save fuel successfully. Tuning the engine regularly and changing the oil frequently can help with improving mileage. The rims of the truck should also be checked so that they have adequate air and are well aligned. That helps increase fuel mileage by about 3%. A fact that is not well known is that keeping the truck lighter also contributes to fuel economy. Similarly, a loaded roof can reduce mileage by 5%.


Responsible driving

Some tips on fuel economy are related to how and where you drive the truck. Driving within certain speed limits, avoiding unnecessary idling and preventing sudden stops or starts can help you improve fuel economy. It is also efficient to turn off the air conditioning every so often. A lot of fuel is wasted when there is traffic, so you have to avoid traveling at rush hour.


Fuel efficiency for truck drivers

The fuel represents approximately 25% of the cost of operating a fleet. And therefore, saving 2 or 3 percent on fuel costs can make a big difference. As with other types of vehicles, truck condition, traffic, and weather will be crucial in determining the amount of fuel consumption. Trucks must be checked frequently and have regular maintenance to help truck drivers save fuel and boost the overall fuel economy. The control of engine speed is also something that should be taken into account.


Paying attention to how you use up your truck’s fuel is important for many different reasons, especially when you’re driving a truck. Not only do you get to optimize your budget, but do your bit in saving the environment as well. We at Bottomley Enterprises support these practices. Those of you looking to join a trucking team can always fill our driver’s application. What’s more, you can follow us on Facebook to get regular updates from the trucking world.