No one pretends that a trucking lifestyle is easy, especially when you consider long hauls. This kind of sedentary lifestyle can affect the trucker’s health considerably. Also, it can cause pain and stiff joints, which can then make it even harder to get physically active. This is where truck drivers yoga moves can come in handy. Yoga has many benefits, especially when it comes to flexibility and relaxation. The following moves can be done anywhere and at any time, they are easy and they can make a huge difference for everyone in the trucking industry.


1. Mountain Pose

This is the simplest pose for any beginner and the actual beginning of your yoga routine. Essentially, you just have to relax while standing with your shoulders pulled back a bit. Keep your hands in front of you and start breathing deeply. Let this position relax and calm you down as much as possible until you proceed to the next move.


2. Downward Facing Dog

Another easy truck drivers yoga pose that’s perfect for beginners is undoubtedly Downward Facing Dog. You should start by lying on your stomach. Then you slowly move your pelvis up by drawing your hands and feet closer. However, make sure that you’re not putting too much pressure on your wrists.


3. Warrior One

This particular pose works extremely well for truck drivers yoga as it targets stiff hips which are usually caused by many hours of driving. Essentially, you should put your legs at an angle position with feet spread apart. The front leg should be at the straight angle while the back leg should be relatively stretched. Stretch your arms up to the sky while keeping the knees bent.


4. Child’s Pose

This particular pose is perfect for stretching once your day is done so that you can get some quality sleep. It’s also very simple – just kneel down, folding your knees. Spread your arms in front of you so that they touch the floor and put your head down as well.


5. Triangle Pose

Finally, this particular pose can help you a lot with the lower back pain. With your legs wide apart and one foot at an angle, start twisting your torso towards the angled foot while raising the opposite arm straight up. You’ll need some kind of a support to hold onto with the arm that’s twisting with your torso downwards. Of course, do this pose for both sides.


The above-mentioned yoga poses can immensely affect your health and help you get rid of stiffness and pain. Something like this is essential for truck drivers, especially when you find it difficult to exercise regularly. After all, these poses don’t require much of your time. We at Bottomley Enterprises want to highlight just how important physical activity is for everyone, and especially truck drivers whose job is to sit behind the wheel. If you’re interested in joining our company, you’re welcome to fill out the driver’s application on our website. You can count on a very supportive and helpful team. Also, you’re free to follow us on Facebook for trucking news and updates.